How to Run a Successful Disability Awareness Campaign

According to the World Health Organization, roughly a billion people today live with some form of disability, making it the largest minority group in the world. Out of this number, around 110-190 million have extremely significant difficulties in day to day functioning. To disambiguate the term, disability is a broad term referring to impairments, activity limitations and participation restrictions. These may be caused by disease, accident and others. Disabling conditions include a variety of examples like blindness or permanent injury caused by accidents to invisible illnesses like chronic pain conditions. Because of this, many individuals and groups start campaigns to raise awareness, obtain donations or to create legislative change. Running an awareness campaign is no piece of cake but is an extremely rewarding endeavor. Here are some basic tips to make a successful disability awareness campaign.

First, make a concrete list of goals you would like to achieve. Are you focusing on raising money for research or to sponsor people for treatment or medical detox? Do you wish to campaign to law-governing bodies or to bring information to the public? Your goals can be a mix of these, but it is best to write them down in order for you to be able to create means to have these goals met. Come up with a strategy and action plan. If you want to ask professional help, hire a marketing or campaign consultant. Although it is not a profit-directed campaign, marketing still plays extreme importance in these types of awareness campaigns.

Second, fully research your cause. Know the facts, and be ready to present them in forms of flyers, discussions, seminars and more. “Selling” awareness on disability is not as easy as marketing a jackleg drill. Get in touch with persons with disabilities and find out first-hand about their struggles and insights. Most persons with disabilities struggle with the basic question of what is the worth of a human being to society who cannot produce “money”. Others feel that many people do not understand their conditions and are treated as over-reacting and unreasonable. Many others struggle with getting proper health care and compensation. Many disabled individuals find it difficult to get decent jobs or avail of small business loans in the hopes of starting an entrepreneurial endeavor instead. Tapping into the minds of the actual victims can provide you extensive insight on how and towards what you direct your campaign. The world of the disabled is filled with startling and shocking facts. Present them strategically to your audience to evoke the desired action.

Third, determine your audience and divide them into different target groups. Your goal may be to target your entire community, but it is best to have a different approach to different audience types. In that way, you can also maximize the capabilities of your team and volunteers. For example, the awareness campaign approach for students is a completely different ordeal than raising awareness to companies and executives. It is therefore very important to convince your members of the importance and value of your campaign.

Fourth, it is always of great help to have a prominent individual as spokesperson. Have the mayor come in for a talk, or invite a celebrity with a disability to join the cause. Strive to get as much attention as possible. Have guest speakers who have the authority to speak about your cause. Take advantage of a popular individual’s charisma and influence to further your cause.

Fifth, strategically plan the date of your campaign. In the States for instance, October is the designated as National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Employ commonly recognizable symbols like the purple ribbon which stands for an array of disabling health conditions like chronic and auto-immune diseases. There are several awareness ribbons which you can use in your campaign.

Sixth, have a thorough grasp of your budget. Before you even start your campaign, be sure you have enough resources to pull through the entire plan. You may need some form of fundraiser to get donations from people. You can also avail of a small loan to get things started. Check out a pikalainavertailu for an instant loan comparison to ensure you get the best deals. If you intend to take out a considerable amount of money from your own resources, make sure to find ways to settle your own financial situation as much as possible. Find ways to settle your debts or check if you are eligible for PPI claims. Running an awareness campaign can be tiring, challenging and stressful but the fruits of your labor can create potential benefits beyond your expectations, even if it just means changing a few people’s lives at a time.

30. October 2012 by Jay Brown
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