Disability Awareness through Creative School Programs

The schools of today are beginning to respond to the growing need for special education by facilitating the inclusion of disability awareness campaigns into creative school programs within already established curriculum’s. If you are interested in knowing how the schools of today are helping forward the interests of disability organizations, you can learn more here by reading through the various ways through which disability awareness is being fostered, short of listening to a full podcast, of course.

At the crux of disability awareness programs is the understanding of each of the different reasons for disability. Common examples include the blind, the deaf and mute, or those that are missing limbs. While there are many organizations where the specifics of these disabilities are discussed in their site, the schools offer a more integrated approach to disability awareness programs.

Here are a few examples:

A classroom instruction session about famous disabled people. You might be surprised that a discussion about famous disabled persons can be more inspiring than any lifecell review. Examples include former President Franklin D. Roosevelt, scientist Stephen Hawking, and musician Stevie Wonder who all took very successful career paths, their respective disabilities notwithstanding and given the presumed bias against people with these conditions, these are indeed worthy of recognition and acclaim. There are also free movies online about these successful people that can help reinforce the message about their success despite their disabilities. A discussion about dental hygienist salary can also be an excellent springboard for disability awareness as these are excellent examples of professions that are not limited by certain disability conditioned.
A guided discussion on how to properly deal – and respect – people with disabilities. Kids are more sensitive to instruction if this is properly delivered; hence, there is no perfect time to educate them about disabilities than when they are at school. They can help walk the blind, or offer Volkswagen Scottsdale rides to people without limbs as a means to interact and assist those that are disabled or physically challenged.

There are many other creative school programs that can be specifically catered to promote disability awareness. It is worth recognizing that one can still blaze a successful career inspite and despite of disabilities. As an example, there are online MBAs that don’t require the GMAT and this is highly indicative of continuing professional education that can be pursued without introducing the physically challenged to conventional learning environments.

The best time to start teaching the people the importance of disability awareness is when they are young and schools offer the best avenue to do this. If you want to partner with schools for disability awareness campaigns, you can contact them any time and schedule a program that works for you and for the kids. After all, it is a program that is destined to benefit and empower everyone involved; and that is more than what you can bargain for on any given day in school.

06. May 2012 by Jay Brown
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