Disability Awareness Strategies

The quest for equality amongst all rungs of social strata is one very important cause to ensure that everyone is given a fair chance at living life. As such, the use of multiple disability awareness strategies is vital in teaching others the value of recognizing people with disabilities as equals. In a sense, these are people who are equally capable of amazing feats in various fields and as such should be treated with the utmost respect and recognition.

So what are the avenues through which disability awareness is being promoted?

The most obvious is the program to recognize disabilities in schools. The best way to mold people is to teach them at a young age about the value of equality in all facets. At this stage, children do not have the exterior shutters that characterize adults and are therefore more inclined to be receptive to teaching. There are already many schools that integrate normal children to those with disabilities in order to foster an environment of joint learning. This helps young people with disabilities to be accepted and not alienated from society. It deals them the chance to interact with other kids at such a young age so they become familiar with their environment without having to be cuddled up to it.

Consequently, the opposite can also be a real valuable tool for disability awareness. There are schools that exclusively focus on kids with special needs. This is important because in certain cases, normal schools cannot deliver the important and unique needs of special children. More than just the difference in prom dresses, the various emotional, social, and physical needs must also be adequately served without having to make these children feel that they are “that” different. This is an area that is only beginning to be understood in various forms especially as medical science begins to make major strides in understanding conditions like mental disabilities. Much like the invention of wrinkle cream, these researches take time but as the knowledge base grows, they become progressively more effective, more targeted, and more far-reaching.

Beyond the confines of the traditional and special classrooms, there are plenty of opportunities that show disability awareness strategies in action. A good example is the staging of the Paralympics, the Olympics for people with disabilities. Those who are familiar with these events know what disabled people are capable of extreme feats of human achievement. These are athletes in the purest sense of the word; people who are equipped with invisible solar panels or a Motorola mobile battery allowing them to power through any adversity. In these events, people in wheelchairs compete in a variety of sports including tennis, basketball, and volleyball among others. Amputees run on the track and many other people with disability conquer their perceived limitations to best human achievement in sports. It is the ultimate spite to the perception that those with disabilities will only do well on massage tables.

There are also many causes and volunteer works done to promote greater awareness of disability situations all over the world. Every year, celebrities, athletes, philanthropic organizations, civic groups and many others stage events to bring the limelight to various disabilities. As an example, there are cycling events pioneered by the Pi Kappa Pi fraternity that seeks to attract media attention on the plight of the disabled. These are worthy, noble, and effective causes beyond the pull of web design initiatives and website marketing strategies.

In this age of free cell phones and the modded xbox 360 controller, the world stands on the crossroads of technological innovation. Man is faced with the challenge of retreating to his own personal haven behind bright LED screens and the humming buzz of technological progress, or using this progress to reach out and be heard for causes as important and as noble as disability awareness. It is hightime now, more than ever, that a greater push for disability awareness strategies with far greater reach is sought and pioneered. Because in the success of those efforts, only then will the world bond together in unity.

Until then, we will always be fragmented in many issues particularly of the social nature; and in therein, lies our divisiveness and downfall.