Creating awareness regarding disabilities; problems and challenges.

Disability. What is the image that you get when you hear this word? Let’s admit the fact that we immediately feel sorry for the person the word is being used in reference to. The image that we see is probably of someone in a wheelchair or someone who is mentally disabled and is not capable of carrying out routine tasks properly. A disability is something that immediately lands someone in a special education classroom; people with disabilities are to be separated from the rest. It is almost as if we are dealing with something contagious, right? How many times have we seen or even exhibited this behavior? Hundreds of times. This, however, should not be the case. You see, a disability is not something that someone wants sympathies for. A person with a disability does not, in any way, want the sympathetic looks on our faces. He does not want people to feel sorry for him or her. A person with a disability just wants a normal life. This post is going to be all about how awareness can be created regarding disabilities and how one can handle it without being overwhelmed by society’s pressure.

Creating awareness regarding disabilities can be as hard as trying to get a successful ppi claim! As absurd as this may sound, it is actually very true.  If somebody gets a job in this sector, I doubt that they would immediately go for it simply because at times it gets close to impossible to raise awareness regarding disabilities and how to change our attitudes towards them.  People simply are not willing to change their opinions about disabilities and the general attitudes of people stay pretty much the same no matter how much they are counseled.  One can be a well educated, famous dentist in Glasgow and still hold such opinions regarding disabilities.

Another challenge is the fact that people who don’t have to deal with someone with a disability on regular basis often don’t show any interest in getting awareness about disabilities. Their general comments include the fact that they will never need this knowledge so why get it? This is the worst attitude that an individual can have.

Another problem that arises while trying to create awareness regarding disabilities is the fact that people think that individuals with disabilities are simply not capable of getting anything done on their own.  Even tasks like trying to find a dentist online, for instance, are regarded as tasks that they may not be able to perform on their own. That is not the case. Sure, a disability makes routine activities harder, however, it does not imply that these people can never do anything on their own!

In short, the major obstacle that is faced while trying to create awareness about disabilities is the fact that people have a certain attitude towards this aspect of society. This attitude does not allow any progressive activities to take place because at the end of the day, the mind and one’s thoughts are extremely powerful tools that cannot be altered that easily.

09. October 2013 by Jay Brown
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