A Guide to Disability Rights Laws

Everyone deserves equal rights and there are strict laws when it comes to disability rights from employment equality to public transportation and various services.

Here are some of the laws that are in place in the US to ensure equality for everyone.

Employment Laws

The disability rights laws prohibit any discrimination when it comes to employment. Employers with fifteen employees or more must provide people with disabilities who are qualified for a position an equal opportunity.

Discrimination is prohibited when it comes to hiring new staff members, training, promotions, salaries and social activities.

It’s the company’s Reputation on the line, so they may not ask anyone if they have a disability until they have made a job offer.

Governmental Rights

Both local and state governments must enable disabled persons equal opportunities, enabling them to benefit from their services, activities and all programs offered including transportation, employment, social services, voting, town meetings and public education.

The governments must ensure all buildings are easily accessible and that they are able to communicate effectively with those who have speech, vision and hearing disabilities. You can learn more on the disability rights website.

Transportation Services

Public transportation such as the subway, rail or public buses cannot discriminate against those with disabilities. They must comply with the set requirements which ensure easily accessibility to buses.

Many of the buses and subways have low or easy entry, enabling those with disabilities to take full advantage of the services.

Public Spaces

Public spaces such as restaurants, stores, hotels, theatres, schools, doctors and recreation centers must ensure they offer easy accessibility and do not discriminate against those with disabilities. This also includes homeless shelters.

The properties must be easily accessible, they must be able to communicate effectively with those with hearing, speech or vision impairments and they need to allow guide or assist dogs, such as a fully trained Labrador Retriever.

Telephone Companies

Telephone companies are so important to our everyday communication, whether we need to send a sms to a friend or just call to sort something out when at work. The telephone companies in the US must have interstate telephone relay services enabling those with hearing and speech disabilities to use voice phones, through a third party assistant.

You can read reviews on telephone companies before choosing which one suits your particular needs.


Every single person deserves the ability to have a roof over their head, whether they are buying or renting the property. The fair housing act cannot discriminate when selling or renting a property.

A selection of properties are always available, do an online search the same as you would for best eye cream or how to lose weight quickly and you will be welcomed with a choice of results.

The disability rights laws also stipulate that any individual with a disability must have an equal opportunity to education, ensuring that they are given the same opportunities as those without disabilities. Anyone discriminating or prohibiting any of the topics listed above are breaking the law.

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